The Donors

My new book, The donors, published by New Generation Publishing is now available from all good booksellers. ISBN 978189557893 for the paperback version & for the hardback, it’s 9781789558357, Do support your local bookseller if you have one nearby. Electronic versions will soon be available. It’s being done by ‘print on demand’ so wherever you are (mostly) in the world a printer near (ish) to you will send it to you.

Mark and Adrian want to become fathers by donating to lesbians. They choose different paths leading to situations which are funny, surprising and terrifying. Will their strong relationship survive the stresses inflicted on it and how will their families and friends react? Set in the early 1990’s, the midst of the HIV epidemic, Gay Dads reveals the perils and joys of creating unconventional families in a time before smart-phones and social media.

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Cover of 2284My first novel, Twenty-Two Eighty-Four  was launched on Wednesday 26 Feb 2014 at Housman’s Bookshop  London  by Gay Publishing group Paradise Press. Now, in 2020 the post global warming issues are even clearer. Follow me on twitter @ChrisPplaywrite

Available as a kindle via Amazon

The great news is that  Twenty-two Eighty-four has now been reprinted. I’m currently in New Zealand and have a limited number of copies with me to post locally.

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